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Proshop News

A message from our General Manager, David Harris:


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Hampton Court Palace Golf Club

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Club News

From David Harris, General Manager: I would like to start with a thank you to everyone for your patience and support, the fallout from Covid has brought many challenges to our business with a variety of areas being affected including deliveries, staffing levels and many more. Our team work tirelessly around the clock, 7 days a week and not everything is seen by the public or indeed by all the staff, so I’d like to say a huge thank you to them for the hard work and effort they continue to put in. The kind words, appreciation and understanding goes a long way and means so much more than anyone realises. We will continue to work hard and deliver the expectation levels that we know we can reach at Hampton both on and off the golf course.  

September was a great month for weather and we are hoping for a good winter (fingers crossed). After the greens drainage project in November 2020, we can safely say that we will be in good shape and you will be playing from the normal tees and greens with no temporaries and trolleys will be kept on. 

There are two projects that will start this winter, one of these will be the ongoing fairway irrigation project which will commence around holes 9, 10, 11, 2, 3 & 4. The new bunker project has also been agreed and drawings will be out soon that will show how they will look. Both are big projects and we hope to complete as much as possible, but as always how much progress we are able to make is based on the weather.    

The Race To Le Touquet finished this month, and the final standings were very close. Congratulations to Sunmin Chee and Ryan Elliott who will be playing in the 2 day event at Pyrford Lakes later this month. This will be a huge event and despite a change of venue (due to travel and covid restrictions) they are in for a real treat and playing for the grand prize of a paid trip to Thailand to play in an Asian Tour Pro Am. Good luck to both of you! 

Course News

From Richard Hill, Course Manager: As I sit and type this piece for the newsletter there is a chill in the air that implies Autumn is upon us, bringing with it the leaf fall, heavier dews, and shorter periods of sunlight, all of which play a part in deciding where our attention is focused and how the golf course evolves as we head into the winter months. The September deer cull is to end on Friday October 1st and the next deer cull beginning on Monday November 1st. We will be using the month between the deer culls to tackle a list of tasks. One of the tasks that we have already started is the strimming of all the mounds and banks in around the golf course, this is to thin these area’s out whilst selectively treating them, which in turn will make them more playable whilst remaining a feature of the golf course in the future. We are also in the process of preparing the equipment we use for leaf clearance, so please be patient with us if you see us on the golf course, with the tractor blower and leaf picker. We will always endeavour to plan and operate around the tee sheet, but sometimes the wind strength and wind direction need to be maximised.  

We have carried out two small micro cores on the greens since the last newsletter and will be continuing this thru Oct, this causes minimal disruption and is a quick and clean process. The month we have between the two deer culls will also enable us to carry out some more aggressive maintenance to the tees and approaches, which will start next week. This will include hollow coring the tees, scarifying the approaches and overseeding and dressing both surfaces. After which we will be looking to fertilise and overseed some of the fairways.  

We now have a full-time team of 6 staff and 2 part time staff, we are in a much better position heading forwards than we have previous years as we head into the winter. Of the 6 full time staff we have three are fully qualified and Get Golfing have just committed to provide training for three more, they all start their training next week. We also have a member of our team Adam Griffin who has been selected to take part in an internship program organised by Get Golfing. Adam along with three others will be heading the Florida in January to work at The Pelicans Nest Golf Club. Adam will unndoubtedly gain some valuable experience and as a perk, a nice winter tan. 


Clubhouse News

From Marian Perera, Events Manager: Hampton has been a wedding hub in September. A huge congratulations to Ellie & George, Ria & James, Flora & Josh and Clare & Jon who got married at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club this month.  

Here are just a few of the kind words from the happy couples: 

“Exactly how we wanted and imagined it. And I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened without all your hard work. Wishing you all the best” 

“Thank you so much for making our wedding reception so very special. Everyone was blown away with the setting, so relaxed and chilled just as we hoped. Thanks to the kind staff that helped out we had lovely comments from them too.” 

“We had such a wonderful day and that was down to the fact we knew we could put our trust in you and the team. We have received so many compliments about the venue, the food and the service from our guests and we wanted to share that with you! Please tell the chef that the food was amazing and everybody enjoyed it.” 

October Events at The Clubhouse 

Fancy a scary treat?? We have our Halloween Afternoon Tea from 1pm to 4pm between Monday 25th October to Sunday 31st October. 

We also have a Halloween fun day on Sunday October 31st. There will be bouncy castle & face painting along with the Afternoon Tea. 

Thursday October 28th 

Live Music with Two Meters Apart  

Performing at The Clubhouse from 7pm, make sure to check out the What’s On page of the website and book your table now!  

Saturday 30th October  

Hampton Halloween Party – Show us your scariest costumes and dance the night away with our DJ evening entertainment from 7pm til Midnight.

Future upcoming events  

November Jazz Live Music 🎶  

December Masquerade Ball ~ New Dates to be added  

Christmas Carols coming in December 🎼 


Welcome our new Head Chef, Philip Morris: I’ve been a chef for 25 years and counting, learning the culinary art of cooking and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all around the world cooking.  

As a young chef it all started in the same restaurant where I was hired at 14 years old as a KP and soon realised I wanted to be cooking rather than washing up and so began my journey. 

I have been lucky enough to create and cook my dishes in such wonderful places as Marbella (Spain), New York (US) and Chamonix (France). 

Most recently I was freelancing around the UK/London with my fiancé from 5 rosette restaurants to 80-bedroom beachfront hotels where I had the chance to fish daily and eat what I caught, a true treat for any chef. My favourite food to cook is modern British vs European fusion along with the occasional hint of Asian. 

Personal statement  

My years of learning and travelling have brought me the skills and repertoire of dishes and ingredients which I am fortunate enough to showcase here at the historic Hampton court Palace Golf Club. My team and I always endeavour to create and deliver the best and most fresh ingredients, with exciting and for some, new, flavors and all delivered with the highest standards of presentation. 

Each event is different and unique in its own way, that is why attention to detail is so important and each event is individually planned and catered for according to your individual theme. You won’t be left hungry and hopefully you’ll be back for more. 

Captains’ Update

From Harry McCreanorMen’s Captain: We are looking for someone to take over my role as Captain and a supporting Vice, if you would like to propose yourself or indeed anyone else, please put your name on the sheet in changing rooms or email me directly [email protected]. Nominations will close on 31st October.  


From Aun Rhee, Ladies’ Captain: The Ladies Charity Day, is taking place on Tuesday the 12th of October.  

Tee times are between 9:16 to 10:36am. 

The entry fee is £20 per person. The price includes a 1 course meal (chicken green curry) and charity donation (Momentum Charity for children based in Kingston). Guests are welcome at a rate of £30 for the green fee on top of the entry fee. 

Of course there are lots of raffle prizes to be won! 

The format for the day is a team stableford, with a staggered scoring system. On holes 1-9 the best 2 scores will count, on 10-15 the 3 best scores, and on holes 16-18 all scores are recorded. Playing handicaps (95%). 

We have a variety of mulligans for sale, 300 yard drive mulligan on hole 5, out of bunker mulligans and a Par 3 hole in 1 mulligan(!) just to name a few. 

Community Outreach

From Stuart Williams, Community Development Officer (Education, SEND and Communities), Get Golfing: For this month’s newsletter I thought I would introduce the fantastic team we have here at Get Golfing managing the community events at your sites: 


Faydra Mitchell – Community Events Coordinator East 

Faydra has a passion for all things charity and community, from volunteering with local groups to running music festivals. She is a mum to 2 amazing children, and her life is never quiet, but always fun! I love to be involved in all things to do with the elderly or children, especially those with SEN or disabilities, and my real passion is providing activities and entertainment for the community. I’m lucky to be involved in some great music festivals like Local and Live and Tonbridge Calling, and to me there is nothing better than seeing people having a good time at an event you have provided. 


Yvonne Brooke – Community Events Coordinator West 

An experienced golf and leisure operator I am really passionate about encouraging more women and girls to play sport. I have created the Ladies Golf Lounge, a Facebook Group for female golfers, which now has nearly 6,500 members. 

The group has given me a platform to support and promote a number of sport related charities, give a voice to women’s golf and allowed me to work with a diverse community which has been amazing and something I’m really proud of. 

My husband and I have 2 children, a 7 year old boy and 9 year old girl, so most of our life is spent as a taxi service (I’m sure many of you reading can relate!) ferrying them around to various clubs, birthday parties and playdates. Hence, I regularly escape to the golf course for some peace and quiet and to recharge my batteries! 


Stuart Williams – Group Community Development  

Having worked in education and community sport for over 25 years I have a passion for creating safe, enjoyable and engaging events and opportunities. I enjoy building programs that make humans feel better about themselves and am passionate that we at Get Golfing have an amazing impact on our local communities. I want to create great environments where people (visitors and staff) can help each other, enjoy our sites and contribute to building a better society. 


Looking ahead to 2022 

Adopt a school 

We will be announcing the primary and special schools that each site will be adopting as partners for 2022 where we will be offering a wide variety of activities for both students and staff. Golf of course but also music, art, drama, a venue for staff training and our great TAP program that targets FSM & PP children. 

Group Charity Adoption 

Our group charity has now been selected for 2022 with the Anthony Nolan Trust partnering with us. More information with both an education, awareness, and recruitment campaign to roll out next year and an exciting pro-am series planned. 

Local Community Groups 

The team will be working closely with site teams to identify a local group or charity to support for 2022 and whilst we can assist with fundraising, we would prefer groups that can utilise our beautiful spaces (for free) to enhance or expand their provision to local residents 

NHS Blood Donation Partnership 

Over the last 6 months we have hosted Recruitment and Awareness campaigns for blood donation. This month Arkley GC host the team where anyone can come along, find out how they can become a donor and find out their blood type. On Sunday 3rd October there will also be a fun pairs scramble competition if you would like to play this hidden gem. 

What’s On – Arkley Golf Club Arkley Golf Club 

Pro News

From John Powell, PGA Pro: My July FREE member lessons are as follows:  

October 7th

Bring out the artist in your chipping – learn how to manipulate the trajectories of your chip shots to gain more variety around the greens to save some shots!

October 14th

Fairway woods – understand how to set up to encourage a more consistent strike. 

October 21st

Drivers – Hit some shots on my Flightscope launch monitor in combination with video analysis to tweak your swing to hit your ball straighter and longer. Same booking link as before and there are 8 spaces per group available. 

To book please visit:  


From Alex Vezey, PGA Pro: My FREE member lessons are as follows: 

10am – 11am Saturday 2nd & October 23rd   

Swing Fix Session – Come along to this session to fix any swing issues you may be having. We’ll take a look at that slice, fat, top or hook shot and give you a plan to improve these shots.  


10am – 11am Wednesday 6th & October 20th.  

Chipping Session – Get help with your green side shots, learn how to play the right green side shot at the right time. Improve “getting up and down” and bring your scores down.  

To book on to any of these sessions please contact Alex at: [email protected]  


From Martin Dunsford, PGA Pro: My FREE lessons for members are as follows:  

October 9th and 23rd from 4pm to 6pm: The principles and application of the Mac O’Grady research and development (MORAD) golf system:  

  • The P system  
  • The impact overtaking rates (clubface control)  
  • Ball flight applications  
  • Questions and answers  

Martin has attended over 15 golf schools with Mac over the last 10 years. He intends to give an overview of the system and some of the important points in order to improve your golf and for you to learn how to manage your own golf swing.  

To book these lessons or for more private lessons please contact me via [email protected]. Private lessons are £35 for 30 mins and £60 for an hour.  

Please put any paid-for lesson offers here. Please be brief!! 


From Chris Moss, PGA Pro: My FREE lessons for members are as follows:  

Saturday 9th October 12.00-2.00pm

Open to all HCPGC members with a handicap. 

Practice – Learn – Play  

Warm up on the Range 

Learn what to improve with Trackman. 

Play holes with Chris walking the fairways with you. 

Max 6-8 players in two groups.

Saturday October 16th 2.00pm-4.00pm  

Open to all new golfer’s (players without a handicap).

Two hours of fun group coaching aimed at players new to the game. Learn how to hit the ball on the driving range with tailored easy to understand instruction. Then play 3-6 holes on a specially designed course that helps beginners progress.  

Max 4-6 players

For further information just call or What’s App. 

Release Your Golf  

What’s App 07432193009 


From Billy Irvine, PGA Pro: My July FREE member lessons are as follows:  

Group Clinics (Max 6 Golfers)
October 2021 – Group Golf Clinic Topics  

Location – Chipping Green   

Thursday October 7th 11am to 12pm  

Around the green wedge play – should you change club or use the same club & and adjust the swing?  

Location – Driving Range

Thursday October 14th 11am to 12pm  

Putting Drills/Practice Concepts  

Location – Putting Green

Thursday October 21st 11am to 12pm   

The 3 Fundamentals – Contact/Distance/Directional control  

Contact Billy to register at [email protected]  


“Just to say how impressed I was with the course yesterday. Fun, challenging, beautiful, and in impeccable condition, with a friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Izzy
“Excellent venue for a walk and a cup of coffee...very welcoming and comfortable. Easy parking and beautiful views of the deer in Home Park. You don't have to be a member of the Golf Club.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Angela Coombe
“Great golf day and beautiful location. All staff were fantastic and very helpful. Everyone enjoyed the day. Thank you very much!”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Mike White