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Club Charity

In October Edward Richardson met with your Club Captains, Vice Captains and Competition and Handicap Secretaries from each section. At the meeting Ed explained that it is Get Golfing’s wish to support the coming together of charitable fundraising at each club. Currently, each section raises funds for the Captain’s chosen charity independently of Get Golfing and each of the other sections. The Captain’s have to work tirelessly and without support to raise these funds. While the charities are grateful for the hardwork and endeavours of the respective Captains, the actual sums raised vary considerably year to year.

Ed was proposing that we collectively adopt a different strategy for 2022 where the Club as a whole dedicate its support to one local charity. Get Golfing have hired a designated member of staff who would work with the Captain’s and the chosen charity to promote the following:

  • Fundraising within the member and visitors for the local charity.
  • Support the charity by creating greater awareness within the club and the local community of the charity’s hardwork.
  • Use of club facilities at no cost.

What Get Golfing are bringing to the table is a dedicated member of staff to work with the Club and the charity to ensure they get the most out of the opportunity. In addition to the staff member, the initiative has the full support of the Get Golfing back office with sales and marketing which will further enhance the initiative.

Get Golfing would fund the dedicated member of staff, Yvonne Brooke ([email protected]) where we would train her in the specialist field of fund raising. Get Golfing would not be charging a levy for these services. Having looked closely at this change in the structure of fundraising at Club level we believe that the following will take place:

By coming together as a club with the support of Yvonne:

  1. We believe we can raise more funds for the chosen charity without having to constantly chase members for greater contributions.
  2. We believe we can enhance the awareness that the charity’s good work.
  3. We believe that it change the perception of the immediate community and bring us closer together.
  4. We believe we can help improve the performance of the chosen charity through the support of the club and the use of our facilities.

This proposal has been left with the Captains to discuss amongst themselves and with other members of the Club as a principle, and if they are in agreement, then collectively decide on a couple of suitable candidates as our Club Charity. Having drawn up a short list, they would then work with Yvonne to assess the suitability of the charity. While we all recognise the good work of charities, we believe that not all charities would be suitable partners that would enable them, and the club, to maximise the opportunity. It is proposed, that once a charity is selected, that the Club will commit all their charitable endeavours to that charity for a fixed period of three years to enable the Club and the charity to properly develop the relationship.

The decision making panel at Hampton is Harry McCreanor (Club Captain), Aun Rhee (Lady Captain), Colin Adams (Senior Stags Captain), Joanne Harbottle (Lady Vice), Gillian Skinner (Lady Vice), Keiko Holt (Handicap Secretary) along with Yvonne Brooke. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on this proposal, may we ask that you come back to Yvonne so that we can collate and reply the feedback.

Club News

From David Harris, General Manager: Another month goes by and we are fast approaching the winter yet the golf course is improving every week and your feedback has been brilliant. Richard and his team work tremendously hard on the course to ensure it plays as best as possible regardless of the challenging weather conditions.  

One of the unique things about Hampton, is that during the winter the course will still be open and not without trolleys or on temporary greens and tees thanks to our drainage work in November 2020. We would like to remind everyone that with the deer cull starting this week and daylight hours decreasing, please use your booking lead time to secure tee times. We have opened the 10th tee for 9-hole bookings within the first hour and half of the day and these can now be booked online 

Johnny and Phil have been working hard on and our new menu is now available! We are so excited to confirm new opening hours and offer a wide variety of food from our team of chefs in the Kitchen, please see the menu’s below and come along to try, open everyday from 8am – 5pm. 

Marian and Jackie have been creating lots of events for everyone which include Live Music Nights, Afternoon Tea’s, Christmas Parties, New Year’s Eve and much more. It would be great to see you here at the club for one of these and you don’t need to be a member so please feel free to invite your friends along, many events are children friendly too.  

Course Improvements – The work and investment from Get Golfing continues with the continuation of fairway irrigation as we start the next phase this winter along with the recently announced Bunker renovation program. This new project will take approximately 3 years to complete and will transform the layout with some bunkers being filled, moved and re-designed including revetted faces that will both play and look much better than the current ones. 

We appreciate your patience during this time and will minimise any closures to the holes. We have to make sure health and safety is prioritised whilst keeping all 18 holes open when possible. It will certainly benefit all of us once this work is complete and transform Hampton into a truly exceptional course.   


The improvements to the facilities at the Club have already started to pay dividends with memberships, golf society and function bookings for 2022 with significant increasing on previous years. The increase in the popularity of the Club should not be lost on the membership, as it is through the generation of visitor income that we have been able to invest significant sums back into the Club without having to significantly increase subscriptions. Since we took over in June 2020, we will have invested (after the irrigation and the bunkers) well in excess of £1.5m.

In our first year at the Club we honoured covid credits and did not increase subscriptions in 2021. The primary goal of Get Golfing is to deliver a quality experience to our members with excellent value for money. However, as you will be aware, inflation has started to raise it head and we have been advised that we should expect an increase in operational costs of between 5 and 7.5% due to increased staffing costs, energy, supplier pricing, etc. We are very keen to resist increasing subscriptions, but have to act with an air of caution. We are therefore going to increase subscriptions across all categories (except junior members for are free), by £5.00 per month. This amounts to an increase on a full or five day membership of 3% and 4% respectively. A separate email with a detailed breakdown will follow shortly. These increases only kick in when your membership renews.

Course News

From Richard Hill, Course Manager: As October draws to a close, with the weather still feeling mild and despite some short episodes of heavy rainfall, it remained a relatively dry month. However, when it did rain, it did not hold back! In these instances, it is the sheer volume of rain that presents the challenge, the greens have coped well, and the drainage lines installed exactly one-year ago are working well. The puddles we have seen on the green are more to do with volume of water falling. The other challenge with such heavy down pours is the bunker washouts and after the last storm puddles of water present several days later. These eventually drain and with the bunker overhaul planed for 2022 this issue is being dealt with.  

One of the tasks we did manage to carry out this month was the addition a large soakaway into one of the bunkers on the par 3 8th. The bunker we decided to tackle was the first bunker you can see on the right-hand side of the green. The soakaway took some effort and was one of the deeper ones we have had to dig, to find the sandy dry ballast that helps to drain the water away. This should allow one of the slower draining bunkers on the course to be back in play sooner. 

We also finished the strimming of the mounds around the golf course and on the bunker faces and green surrounds. We will be looking to thin these out on a regular basis, treat them with a selective herbicide and then overseed them with some fine grass species. We carried out two sets of greens maintenance works, and the tees were all hollow cored, scarified, overseeded, dressed and fertilised, they were then fully divoted.  

As we head into November and another Deer Cull, we will be looking to carry out some maintenance work on the fairways. We also took delivery of an upgraded leaf collector, from another Get Golfing Site. The new collector is an upgrade in power and hose position which will hopefully help speed leaf clearance. Please be patient with the Greenkeepers if you see us working on leaf clearance, we do our best to cause the least amount of disruption possible.  

As we head into the winter months after the wet summer we had, the golf course is possible in the best shape for this time of year that I can remember. All the positive comments have been passed on to the team and it is nice to hear that our efforts are being recognised.  

Please remember that during the Deer Cull the Gates to Home Park do not open until 8am. Also, for anyone that didn’t see the renovation plans email please click below to read about our plans:

  • Click hear to read about our winter renovation works

    We are pleased to announce the next phase of the course renovations at Hampton Court. As we explained when we took over the Club, we would over the next three to five years turn the course into one of the standout courses in the area, and we believe these renovations are critical to meeting that goal. The winter work incorporates two key areas:

    First Phase Bunker Renovations.

    We all recognise that the standard and shaping of the current bunkers is not suitable. Over a period of many years due to lack of investment and brittle nature of the topsoil, their shape, size and the consistency of the depth of the sand has been lost.

    This project is a major piece of work that will require a substantial investment by Get Golfing. We are using the traditional, revetted style of bunkers commonly found on links courses (images of what revetted bunkers look like can be found below).

    The bunkers will be re-designed, their location in some instances will be changed, and the shaping will be edited. We will be bringing a specialist shaper on site who will work with both the HCP course maintenance team as well as teams drafted in from other Get Golfing sites to install a rubber crumb base and build the revetted faces (using turf from cut and transported from another site). The revetting work can only be completed though painstaking labour and the best results are achieved when the work is done by hand. This is extremely time consuming and expensive, but the results make it all worth it.

    The aftercare of such an investment is critical to the long-term success of the course and with the deer on the site and the historical damage that they have created, we will be hiring an overnight night watchman who will be responsible for mitigating as much green and bunker damage as possible. We have tried several methods of discouraging them, all of which have only had marginal success.

    This work will be split over a number of years (much like the irrigation project) and is only made possible by the operational surpluses that are created from the Club. The speed at which this work is completed will inevitably be directly linked to the support that the membership and visitors give to the club through their custom.

    We will look to mitigate the disruption to golf during this work, but we plead with the membership to show understanding and an appreciation that despite the short term inconvenience, the long term benefits will be well worth it.

    We will be continuing with the irrigation project which began on the 1st and 18th fairways last year. Ironically, the system has barely been used this summer due to the excessive rainfall that we have received.

    This winter, we will complete this installation of fairway sprinklers on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th holes, so in summary all the work on the holes west of the avenue of trees. This will leave only the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th to complete the entire installation in phase 3.

    Installation of these fairway sprinklers takes roughly a week per hole and while this work is being completed, we again will require your appreciation for the inconvenience. We will need to adjust the layout of each hole to ensure the safety of the irrigation installation team.

    Again, we stress that this work is only possible because of the surpluses that the Club are now generating, and we ask for your patronage so that such improvements can continue. Thank you in advance for all your patience while this work takes place, the results will become obvious to everyone as we take the course from mediocracy to becoming one of the standout courses in the area.

Clubhouse News

From Marian and Jackie in Events: October saw our Halloween Afternoon Tea for children and adults and many of them enjoyed the tea, cakes and our games. We also held our first Fright Night Party for adults to enjoy and party the night away which was a great success. 

The Live Music Night with Two Meters Apart was fantastic, remember these are free entry and a chance to come along, eat, drink, sing and dance the night away, next Live Music Night will be on the 25th November! 

We have many more special nights to enjoy including our Christmas Mascarade Ball and New Year’s Eve with The Ultimate Michael Buble! 

To see our full list of events and what is coming up please check out our What’s On page or contact [email protected] or [email protected]  

New Menu and Opening Hours  

The kitchen will be open every day from 8am until 5pm (6pm on Saturday) and there are a lot of new delicious dishes to try…… 

See our menus here –   

Proshop News

From Nicholas DarbyGolf Retail Sales & Operations Manager: The Proshop yet again has three fantastic offers for you this month! We’ll beat all major retailers on price!

Hampton Court Palace Golf Club

Get personalised 4-FOR-3 dozen TaylorMade golf balls! The limited time offer enables you to purchase 3 dozen TP5, TP5x or Tour Response White or Yellow and receive 1 dozen free along with free personalisation.

Our TP5 sale price: £125.97

Our Tour Response sale price: £104.97


Get your personalised golf balls

Hampton Court Palace Golf Club
Hampton Court Palace Golf Club

Just a quick reminder, the Mumba Charity Buy Back scheme ends on November 30th, so make sure to get any more old logo’d gear in for £10 off your new club apparel.

Captains’ Update

From Harry McCreanorMen’s Captain 

We are making our last call for Captaincy in 2022 and there are a few people who have been put forward. If you are interested or know another member who may be, please fill in the form in changing rooms or email Harry at [email protected]  


From Aun Rhee, Ladies’ Captain: 

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all the Ladies and the Club for supporting our Charity Day in aid of Momentum Childrens Charity and collectively we raised £2,580! A brilliant effort from all involved! 


Pro News

Our FREE group lessons will continue in 2022 as we start to plan new Skill Sessions ready for the new year. In the meantime our guys will be able to coach one on one or in their own group sessions and you can find out more about them by click here on our website and contacting the guys directly –  

From Chris Moss, PGA Pro

NEW GOLFERS – Would you like to obtain your handicap? 

Learn how to play with a structured improvement program designed to guide ‘New Golfers’ from newbies to recognised players with an official World golf handicap at the end of the process. 

Attend fortnightly group coaching sessions where you will learn how to play the course, understand what you need to improve on the range and complete monthly scoring challenges on your journey to obtaining your official golf handicap. 

You will be guided throughout your learning journey by Chris Moss and Trackman technology.  

Every Saturday at 2.00pm – 4.00pm £37.50pp Open to all. 

Call Chris on 07710532853 or visit for further details.


Community Outreach

The team this month have been focusing on working with our 8 sites to adapt the Club’s charitable role within their communities.

As you’ve read, Ed our CEO would like all sections of the club to work together to support one local charity for the next three years and really embed them into our sites with awareness, fundraising and use of our amazing environments.

The aim will be to have one Group charity across all Get Golfing and then one local charity at each site that can receive great support over a sustained period of time. This should maximise fundraising and allow charities to plan and budget more effectively over a 3-year period.

We also hope that with all sections of the club working together it will integrate sections, create great social interactions, and create an inclusive and exciting program of social and fundraising events.

Captains and vice captains are currently in discussion to select the Club’s local charity and we aim to announce group and local charity partners with a January launch. We are supporting this process and will have designated resources to help sites make a real difference to the local charity of their choice.

The team are also currently:

  • Selecting our partner primary and special schools for 2022 that will receive an amazing package of support over the next 3 years.
  • Organising our TAP/SEN program cohorts for 2022.
  • Setting up our This Girl Can Get Golfing calendar.
  • Developing partnerships with a wide variety of clubs and providers to broaden activities offered on our sites.

We look forward to supporting your club and if you have any ideas or links to local groups who could benefit from our support please get in touch with the team.