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Club news

From David Harris, General ManagerIt is great to be back open after three months of lockdown and seeing so many of you enjoying the course and outdoor hospitality. The light has changed and, fingers crossed, the weather improves as we have longer days to get you out on the course with our new opening times from 6am and play until dark!  

Thank you for your patience while there has been so much building work going on and our services have been limited to an outside service. As each week passes, we get closer to normality and a newly refurbished clubhouse and patio area, which will be a fantastic space to relax after a game as you can see from the pictures. The new patio will hold more than 130 people and we have taken delivery on some new teak furniture, and more is on the way. 

You will also be pleased to learn that our new brewery, Shepherd Neame, has installed new equipment in our cellar and run the lines into all three bars. There will be a selection of new beers coming very soon…… 


Events news  

Events are making their way back and, from May 17thwe can go inside to our newly refurbished clubhouse with limited numbers from June 21st, we will be back to full operations.  

It is becoming a remarkably busy time for bookings but please remember that, as a Member, you receive discount at the bar with us. If you are looking to host any of the following events, please contact [email protected] 

  • Birthday Party 
  • Wedding/Wedding Reception 
  • Baby Shower/ Christening 
  • Charity Ball 
  • Celebration of Life 
  • Anniversary 
  • Or any other reason to celebrate! 

Club Accounts 

Every Member has two accounts:

  • Competitions account that is within Intelligent Golf and is for competition entry fees only and can be accessed when logging in directly to This can be topped up online only through your login, then by clicking menu > my golf > my account > select top value > add address > complete payment. This can be used only when entering competitions and not for anything else.  
  • Bar/Pro Shop account which can be accessed at the Club when buying food, drink, golf products or hire equipment and through our Pro Shop online at This is the account where competition winnings will placed and can be used for all the above, except competition entry fees.  

Please note if you lose your membership card, we can organise a replacement from the office as you will be unable to use your account at the club or receive a discount without it. 

Competition news 

The first events in the Mens and Ladies Race To Le Touquet were played during April and saw more than 100 entrants over both events!  

Leaders so far with 32 points each are: 

  • Mens: Jonathan Buttery 
  • LadiesLucy Walmsley  

Winners of each group after the final event in August will receive an all-paid expenses trip away in September to compete for more fantastic prizes against the other Get Golfing winners.  

The next event for the men will be on May 15th and ladies will be on May 18th, be sure to sign up through the competition page when you login through the website. 

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors, Singha, which provided the balls and caps for the winners, and is putting up a fantastic prize at the finals!  

The points for Race To Le Touquet can be won by finishing in the Top 32 of each event and as each event passes the more points are available. 

Society Masters  

Hopefully by now all Members are aware that by competing in our Race to Le Touquet, you are in with a chance of winning an all-expenses paid trip to Le Touquet to compete in the Grand Final. 

However, you may not be aware that there is another way to book your place on what will be a great trip. If you are a member of a society or considering starting one and you book your day out at Hampton Court Palace, not only will all the profits be reinvested into the club, but, as the organiser, you will be in with a chance of playing in our Society Masters on October 21st. The maximum number of teams participating in the event is 36 and invitations will be sent based on the numbers of players in each society.  

We understand that society organisers work very hard to bring groups of golfers together and the Society Masters is our way of saying thank you. It is an all-expenses-paid day for the organiser and one guest, which includes breakfast, 18 holes, a meal afterwards and a goody bag worth £100. The format on the day is fourball, better ball and the winners travel to Le Touquet to compete in the Society Masters Grand Final!   

Charity news 

Get Golfing CIO is a unique golf company when it comes to supporting charities through its clubs and we will be hosting multiple charity days this year both on and off the course. So, if you support a local or national charity, please speak to David, Andy, or Clare so that we can help you raise the extra funds and some muchneeded awareness for your worthy cause 

Monday Charity Coffee Mornings 9.30am – 11.30amEvery Monday we will be running charity coffee morning and we will donate £1 from each coffee sold to the charity. It will be a great chance for the charity of the day to be on hand and offer support and advice for anyone going looking for help, guidance or just looking to learn more as many people can be affected. The charities we will be help are: 

Staff news 

Thank you to those that applied from last month’s newsletter advert, which has seen a few new members of staff join our green keeping team. The young guys are receiving full training that will go into improving your course and the surrounds of the clubhouse.  

Our green staff work tirelessly to improve the conditions of the course and your patience is very much appreciated if, occasionally, you have to wait while they finish cutting a fairway or green before you hit your shot.  

As we start to open the hospitality side of the business from May 17th, we will be increasing our clubhouse team and would like to ask anyone who may be interested to send their CV to Jessica at [email protected]. The roles available will be within the bar and waiting staff along with an assistant chef.  


Course news 

From Richard Hill, Course Manager: April has been dry and cold but, at times, hot! We have also had aunusual number of frosts, which have also played their part in having an adverse effect on the golf course — the lack of growth being the major component.  

The cold, northeasterly winds have also been a big factor in drying the golf course out. This was then compounded by a non-working irrigation system. I am, however, delighted to announce that the irrigation tank has now been repaired and from Saturday, April 24th, we were able to get water to all parts of the golf course that has irrigation or a hose point for the first time this year.  

As we start to get water to places, we can the start to work with the soil, plant and certain products to accelerate the condition and appearance of the surfaces. It is a bit of a double-edged sword for the moment, as we are applying cold water to cold soil in cooltocold air temperatures. Finding the right balance, especially on the greens, is something that we will be constantly monitoring but this does not mean we will not be watering, but, instead, choosing when to do so  

The fairway irrigation on the 1st and the 18th is now primed ready for use, we have some adjustments and setting up to do, but we are now able to water both fairways.    

The deerdamage patches that we had repaired have struggled in this weather and, despite watering, some haven’t survived or fared well. The patches on the 5th and 10th greens have been regularly dug up by the deer but, now we have the irrigation working, we can keep these areas damp far more easily. We have started to repair the patches again and, once the weather starts to warm up, they will soon tie in with the rest of the green.  

As the deer have shed their antlers; we should get less damage from now on but there are still three bunkers that thehave had their way with. These are on the 5th, 8th and 9th green sides. We will be looking to repair these in due course — again, now that we have water available in all three areas, it makes it easier for us to repair and correct this 

We have recently taken on more staff to help with the golf course maintenance, this is a huge positive for us as we start to get on top of things. The weather will change and when it does more staff on hand allows us to take that positive step in the right direction.    


Enjoyable golf 

With the surge in demand for golf following lockdown, courses around the country are extremely busy. While it is great to see so many players out on the course enjoying themselves, on busy days the pace of play can suffer. We want to ensure all golfers enjoy the best possible experience when out on the course.

Therefore, we ask all Members, guests and visitors to help our Starter and Marshals ensure a steady flow by following the guidelines below. We also ask that you are understanding with our Starter and Marshals. They are on the course to offer support and help ensure you all have an enjoyable round. If you are asked to speed up or call a group through, please do not take offence, we all fall out of position on the course from time to time.  

10 simple ways to help the pace of play:  

  1. Arrive at the tee 8 minutes before your time to avoid any delays in starting.  
  2. Golf should be fun; play from the tee box that you feel most comfortable playing from.  
  3. Play ready golf.  
  4. Do your best to keep up with the group in front of you.  
  5. If you do fall behind, call the group behind through.  
  6. Spend no longer than 3 minutes looking for your ball, in line with the rules of golf.  
  7. If in doubt, play a provisional.  
  8. If you can’t score on the hole, please pick up and prepare for the next hole.  
  9. Leave your bag/trolley in an appropriate position so you can walk straight to the next tee.  
  10. Mark your scorecard away from the green or on the next tee. 

Course protection is not only helpful for the green staff, who work hard to maintain the beautiful grounds, but also contributes to your enjoyment of the course. So, we ask that all golfers: 

  • Repair pitch marks. 
  • Rake bunkers (use hand sanitiser, gloves or towels if needed). 
  • Replace divots. 
  • Put broken tees in bins. 
  • Put litter in bins or, if the bin is full, please wait until next hole. 

Pro news

From Alex Vezey, PGA Pro: I shall be holding free Members’ clinics from 10am-11am as follows: 

May 5th: Ladies Only Group — Lower your scores with help on the putting greens. Improve your putting stroke consistency, putting routine, hole more putts, help reading the borrows on the greens. All these areas will be covered to help improve your scores on the greens. 

May 8th: All Club Members Ladies, Gentlemen and Juniors — Lower your scores with help on the putting greens. Improve your putting stroke consistency, putting routine, hole more putts, help reading the borrows on the greens. All these areas will be covered to help improve your scores on the greens. 

May 19th: Ladies Short Game — Distance control from 60/50/40/30 yards to the green. Improve your scores by improving your distance control, learn how to pitch the ball with control, and leave with a simple pitching method to help you get closer to the flag. 

May 22nd: All Club Members Ladies, Gentlemen and Juniors Distance control from 60/50/40/30 yards to the green. Improve your scores by improving your distance control, learn how to pitch the ball with control, and leave with a simple pitching method to help you get closer to the flag. 

To book on to a class please email Alex @ [email protected] 

From John Powell, PGA Pro: I shall be holding free classes every Thursday from 12pm-1pm with the following themes: 

  • May 6th: Distance control with your putter — Learn some simple games and adjustments to your technique to help you control your distance and 3-putt less. 
  • May 13th: Master the bump and run — The perfect shot for Hampton Court, if you get great at this shot you are certain to shave shots off your score. 
  • May 20th: How to practice at the range Learn methods of how to make the most of your time on the driving range to improve your scores. 
  • May 26th: Par 18 — Get an understanding of how good you are at getting up and down. One of the best ways to practice your chipping and putting. 

Hit the link to book your space: 

From Jamie Savory, PGA Pro 

  • Are you frustrated that you are not scoring as well as you should?  
  • Hitting it well on the range but cannot convert that onto the course?  
  • Play well when it is a social round, but when you have a scorecard in hand you do not perform as well? 

All these issues are incredibly common amongst golfers and that is why I focus my coaching on scoring! Now that may sound simple and obvious, but in my experience with certain students I can improve their score more through a playing lesson than on the range. I like to focus on areas such as club selection, strategy, preshot routine, handling pressure and more! 

If you feel that you could benefit from my style of coaching, then I would love to have a conversation to discuss how together we can improve your score. 

Please contact me via 07795437359 or [email protected]. 

From Gus Mottershead, PGA Pro: Members’ free lessons in May are as follows: 

  • May 7th: Putting — 12pm-1pm 
  • May 14th: Chipping — 12pm-1pm 
  • May 21st: Long Game — 12pm-1pm 

Junior Golf

From Andy Little, Master Kids golf coach: Little Golfers has teamed up with Hampton Court Palace Golf Club to offer games-based golf for children aged between 4-14 years old. 

The Little Golfers structure is designed by Andy Little, England’s only Master Kids golf coach. Little Golfers currently teaches over 160 kids per week. 

We offer weekly group lessons that are fun, active and safe, perfect for any new or budding little golfer. 

We offer a first lesson FREE, please visit our booking system to book your child a trial at 

Pro Shop news 

We have had a great start for the new Pro Shop, with well over 600 Members across the sites, logging in to see what we have to offer.  

We would like to encourage all of you to sign into your exclusive Pro Shop and get your special Member discount on a variety of new products, such as the current golf ball promotions we are running. 

  1. Buy 2 dozen Srixon AD333 for only £34.99 less your discount. 

We can also announce that you are now able to top up your Club Card via the Pro Shop without having to purchase anything — i.e. you can add (beer) funds to your account from the comfort of your own home! 

WHS news 

We thought you might be interested in this information about your World Handicap System Index and Course Handicap — they are not the same thing! 

In the new world of WHS you have two numbers you need to remember:  

  • The first is your Handicap Index, which is the exact calculation of your handicap. This is equivalent to what was your CONGU handicap. This number — usually expressed to a decimal point — is the average of the best eight of your last 20 scores — in terms of the score differential. So, if you are asked, ‘what’s your handicap?’ That is your Handicap Index and that is how we compare each other now. 
  • The second is your Course Handicap. Whenever you play on a golf course, wherever you are, your index will change, and you will have a different Course Handicap. It looks at the difficulty of that golf course for the scratch and bogey player and works out what your Course Handicap is based on the slope rating of the golf course you are playing. Your Course Handicap can change depending on the course, or even the tees from which you are playing. As we mentioned above, your Course Handicap could be vastly different to your actual WHS Handicap Index depending on the course you are playing. For example, say you are playing your home golf course: the white tees have a slope rating of 145, the yellow tees are 125, and the red tees are rated at 95. You are going to have three quite different Course Handicaps over those golf courses. You are going to lose shots on the red colour, you are going to gain a few on the yellow and you are going to gain quite a lot on the whites. 

It is all about the difficulty for the two players – scratch and bogey – playing that golf course. We are not comparing Course A to Course B. We are comparing the same golf course but for two players of different ability. 

Course Handicap 

Your handicap is no longer based on playing one single course. It is recalculated and that is why we call it a Course Handicap. It can change for every course you play. 

There are many ways you can check what your Course Handicap is going to be on any course. You can do it via the My England Golf app, IG Member app, via the club boards, or you even manually work it out if you know the calculations. Your Course Handicap is of primary importance because that is how we work out where you are going to get your strokes. 

So, if you know what your Handicap Index is, you will choose the right tee for your game on that day, work out your Course Handicap, and go out and enjoy your round of golf. 

Playing Handicap 

You receive a Playing Handicap during club competitions, but it does not affect the score that goes forward for handicap purposes. The playing handicap is purely for competition purposes. You may find the score you record — because that score is based on your Course Handicap — will be different to that shown on the results sheet. 

That is to be expected. It is going to be slightly less if you play a medal, for example, because that format comes with a 95% allowance. Do not worry too much about the Playing Handicap, it is purely for competition results purposes. If you are recording your gross score, we will use your Course Handicap to work out your new Handicap Index. 

Social Rounds 

The idea of WHS is you have more opportunity to return scores for handicap purposes. It is not limited to competition scores or to scores played at your home golf club, as it was with supplementary scores. 

You can now return a score in general play whenever you wish, either home or away. So long as you play a measured golf course and pre-register your intent to score before you go out to play, you can return a score from anywhere. 

My England Golf App and IG Member App 

These useful apps have a range of features – primarily the ability to look at your handicap record. You have full access to your scores and they highlight which scores are included in your handicap calculations. 

They also show your handicap trends. They have a Course Handicap Calculator, which allows you to select the golf course you are going to play, the relevant tees, and will do the calculation for you. They tell you what the Course and Slope ratings are and reveal, based on your Handicap Index, what your Course Handicap is.