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Dear Golfer,

From Andy Brett, Golf Manager: I hope you have enjoyed the recent glorious weather and have been able to get out on the golf course. If you are heading out to play, please don’t forget to pick up a pair of gloves in the unlikely event you need to use a bunker rake.

The good news is that the clubhouse will be open again from August 1st and we will have a new menu of light seasonal dishes (see below) as well as drinks from the bar to tempt you to try. We will also be continuing with our BBQ service on selected days. Please feel free to come along and try the new ranges along with a drink from the bar. Food will be available everyday from 8am to 8pm.

Club operations

The team at Get Golfing have been working hard to transfer the information from Crown Golf in relation to your direct debits/membership fees. There are lots of legalities around this but we are nearly there! Each member will receive a communication early next week about their membership. If you do not receive anything, please do get in touch with us at the Club and we will be on hand to help sort any issues.

We have also been busy reconciling the bar levy and pro shop vouchers into one place. We are pleased to announce that the new ‘Club Cards’ have arrived on site and we are adding all of historic levies to them. Again, these will be ready early next week, so please pop into the club to collect the cards and check on your balance. These can be used for food, beverage and golfing equipment, giving former “Crown Golf” Members 10% off standard prices.

Tee booking

Our intelligentgolf booking system is working well and we would like to remind all members that any guest bookings will be required to add the guests details and make payment in advance as this will avoid the booking being cancelled.

The range

Range balls can now be purchased when checking in as we are no longer using the range machine. Those with credits on their card can still use these and any member buying range balls will receive the relevant members discount.

Course maintenance update

From Richard Hill, Course Manager: The addition of a new roller for use on the greens at Hampton Court has been a welcome one. We are now in possession of an upgrade on the previous roller, which we think leaves a better finish and is far easier to operate. We also now have — for the first time under my tenure — a team of six green keepers. The increase in bodies will really start to show during August as we start to have a more productive impact on the golf course. Members will find that this is a very positive step forwards.
We were also able to purchase much needed new flag pins, hole cups, flags and the pick cup flag attachments, which are a vast improvement on the pipe lagging that we were using post lockdown. The good thing about the pick cups is that they are R&A approved.

Junior news

We are getting a steady number of new Junior Members and we are looking to grow this section as the future lifeblood of the club. We are very keen that they learn the etiquette of golf both on the course and in the clubhouse, so they will be put under the watchful eye of Pros. If you know of any young person who might be interested in joining, please pass on details of our new Junior Membership category, which is not only FREE but offers a variety of discounts on food, drink and in pro shop. More details are here.

Best wishes from everyone at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club.