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Complimentary Skill Sessions

The Skills Sessions are set to have fun, learn parts of the game, meet the professionals and socialise with others. Book early directly using the link as spaces are limited.

Group lessons involve a key area to focus on and each week there is something different covered and these are provided free every week to all members and partner cardholders.

  • 26/04/22 - Stop that hook

    Tuesday 26th April with Alex Vezey

    10 – 11am

    Stop that hook (range)


  • 27/02/22 - Greenside Wedge Play

    Wednesday 27th April with Billy Irvine 

    6.30 – 7.30pm

    Greenside Wedge Play – Concepts & Drills

    Book via: [email protected]

  • 28/04/22 - Chipping

    Thursday 28th April with Johnny Powell

    12 – 1pm

    Are you chipped off by chipping?


  • 29/04/22 - Putting fundamentals inside 10 feet

    Friday 29th April with Lo Herman

    10 – 11am

    Putting fundamentals inside 10 feet

    Book via [email protected]

  • 30/04/22 - Juniors aged 7 - 11

    Saturday 30th April with Andy Little

    5 – 6pm

    Juniors aged 7-11

    Book via [email protected]

  • 01/05/22 - New Golfers/Beginners Skill 1

    Sunday 1st May with Chris Moss

    10.30 – 11.30am

    New Golfers/Beginners Skill 1 – Learn how to drive the golf ball over 150 yards


  • 03/05/22 - Putting Distance Control

    Tuesday 3rd May with Alex Vezey

    10 – 11am

    Putting Distance Control


  • 04/05/22 - Fundamental 1 - Contact with the ball & ground

    Wednesday 4th May with Billy Irvine 

    5.30 – 6.30pm

    Fundamental 1 – Controlling your contact with ball and the ground to drastically improve your golf

    Book via: [email protected]

  • 05/05/22 - Driving - Straight or Power?

    Thursday 5th May with Johnny Powell

    12 – 1pm

    Driving – Straight or Power?


  • 06/05/22 - Women's Group Lesson - Chipping

    Friday 6th May with Lo Herman

    9:30 – 10:30am

    Women’s Group Lesson – Chipping

    Book via [email protected]

  • 07/05/22 - How to Strike Fairway Woods & Hybrids

    Saturday 7th May with Chris Moss

    10.30 – 11.30am

    How to Strike Fairway Woods & Hybrids


  • 07/05/22 - Juniors aged 11+
  • 08/05/22 - New Golfers/Beginners Skill 2

    Sunday 8th May with Chris Moss

    10.30 – 11.30am

    New Golfers/Beginners Skill 2 – Learn how to play fairway shots over 100 yards


  • 10/05/22 - Low Wedge Skills

    Tuesday 10th May with Alex Vezey

    10 – 11am

    Lob Wedge Skills (low side of putting green)


  • 11/05/22 - Women's Group Lesson - Putting

    Wednesday 11th May with Lo Herman

    9:30 – 10:30am

    Women’s Group Lesson – Putting

    Book via [email protected]

  • 11/05/22 - Fundamental 2 - Distance

    Wednesday 11th May with Billy Irvine 

    5.30 – 6.30pm

    Fundamental 2 – Distance – Where to start with the challenge of hitting the ball further

    Book via: [email protected]

  • 12/05/22 - Putting - Start Line Control

    Thursday 12th May with Johnny Powell

    12 – 1pm

    Putting – Start Line Control


  • 14/05/22 - Juniors ages 4-7
  • 15/05/22 - New Golfers/Beginners - Skill 3

    Sunday 15th May with Chris Moss

    10.30 – 11.30am

    New Golfers/Beginners Skill 3 – Learn how to pitch onto the green within 50 yards


  • 16/05/22 - Women's Group Lesson - Woods & Driver

    Monday 16th May with Lo Herman

    9:30 – 10:30am

    Women’s Group Lesson – Woods & Driver

    Book via [email protected]

  • 17/05/22 - Alignment Issues / Set Up Help

    Tuesday 17th May with Alex Vezey

    10 – 11am

    Alignment Issues / Set Up Help


  • 18/05/22 - Fundamental 3 - Controlling the Curve

    Wednesday 18th May with Billy Irvine 

    5.30 – 6.30pm

    Fundamental 3 – Controlling the Curve – Learning how to recognise and manage the pattern of the ball flight

    Book via: [email protected]

  • 19/05/22 - Are you flipped off by flopping?

    Thursday 19th May with Johnny Powell

    12 – 1pm

    Are you flipped off by flopping? Learn some fundamentals to improve your consistency


  • 20/05/22 - Juniors (over 11) & Family Beginner's Class

    Friday 20th May with Chris Moss


    Juniors (over 11) & Family Beginner’s Class


  • 21/05/22 - Juniors aged 7-11
  • 22/05/22 - New Golfers/Beginners - Skill 4

    Sunday 22nd May with Chris Moss

    10.30 – 11.30am

    New Golfers/Beginners Skill 4 – Learn how to chip and putt


  • 24/05/22 - Draw & Fading the ball

    Tuesday 24th May with Alex Vezey

    10 – 11am

    Draw & Fading the ball


  • 25/05/22 - Greenside Wedge Play

    Wednesday 25th May with Billy Irvine 

    5.30 – 6.30pm

    Greenside Wedge Play – How to recognise what is causing any poor contact around the green & how to still perform the task without expecting perfect contact every time

    Book via: [email protected]

  • 26/05/22 - Ball Striking Basics

    Thursday 26th May with Johnny Powell

    12 – 1pm

    Ball Striking Basics – Increase your chances of hitting ball then turf



John Powell

John Powell remains our longest serving coach at Hampton Court Palace. Within the last ten years, Johnny has developed a personal, motivational and enjoyable approach to his coaching style. He has helped many golfers achieve their ambitions.

Click here to see how your ambitions can be achieved too. INTRODUCTORY HALF PRICE HOUR OFFER – FOR NEW CUSTOMER / FIRST TIME LESSON.

Johnny enjoys every golf swing put in front of him and uses the latest Flightscope and video technology to help you understand anatomically why you swing the club the way you do, how to change it and will plan the quickest way of improving your enjoyment of golf.

To enquire about lessons you can contact him via: [email protected] 

Alex Vezey

Alex has taught for 12 years since becoming PGA Qualified, Alex is now an ‘Advanced PGA Coach’ receiving this status in 2021.

Alex coaches beginners, juniors, club golfers, high level amateurs to European Tour players, helping golfers raise their game to new levels. His teaching philosophy has delivered better golfers with better games and golf swings, consistently improving all his client base. In 2018 Alex joined the global team of David Leadbetter coaches and is one of the 96 worldwide Leadbetter Certified Instructors.

Lesson start from £75 per hour or five hours of coaching from £350.

Please contact Alex at [email protected]

Pete Lockett

Pete has a wealth of experience both in his knowledge of the game and his own professional and amateur career. Pete started his golfing career at The European Tour, where he was responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Qualifying School. Living and breathing the world of golf for many years within the circles of the European, Challenge and the Senior Tour’s top players, Pete has seen first-hand what it takes to reach the top of the game. He is passionate about golf and has now transferred his knowledge and expertise to helping educate others to achieve their best results and develop their connection with the game. You can contact him via [email protected].

Gus Mottershead

Gus has been coaching full time at the club since becoming a fully qualified PGA Professional. He served his training at the club as the assistant pro five years ago and before that was a junior member of the club where he began the game. His passion is to help everyone of all levels improve their golf and have fun while they are doing it. His major focus is getting kids into the sport and to enjoy the skills that come along with it. You can contact him via is [email protected].

Billy Irvine

Billy is a PGA Golf Professional with 35 years of experience as a coach.

He has been coaching both locally, at the Hampton Court G.C. facility for the last 6 years, and has helped many golfers to reach their goals. His speciality is being an Authorised Stack & Tilt Teaching System Instructor, one of the very few in the London area.

Contact Billy at [email protected] today to book a lesson.




After a successful amateur career Lo played on the Ladies European Tour for six years before she started teaching in 2016. Within her first few years of teaching she was selected as the Coach of the Belgian Women’s and Girls Teams after being recognised as one of the top coaches in the country. Lo has worked with some of the best coaches in the world, including being mentored by Pete Cowen (coach to Henrik Stenson, Brooks Koepka, Thomas Pieters etc.).

“Having resettled in London with my British husband and our two boys, I’m delighted to continue my coaching career at Hampton Court Palace. I am keen to continue helping players achieve their potential and encourage more women to play the game. I am looking forward to meeting lots of new faces and helping people play golf with a smile on their face… most of the time anyway!”

Lo’s lessons entail video analysis and a structured practice plan that will elevate your game to the next level.

New at Hampton Court Palace GC are the women’s group lessons run by Lo. Women and girls of all standards are encouraged to play the game. Her emphasis is on forming social relationships in the game so that you can always find playing partners. The group lessons are designed to meet the needs of each player and create a friendly environment where women can enjoy the game. The next 8-week course starts on May 19th and is scheduled on Thursdays or Saturdays from 9:30-10:30. 

You can contact Lo for more information via [email protected] 


Book Now


Book Now


Andy Little


Director and PGA professional of Little Golfers LTD.

Andy, a PGA golf professional with over 20 years coaching experience is currently Englands only Master Kids Golf Coach as awarded by U.S Kids Golf in 2021. Andy specialises in Junior golf and is internationally known for his enthusiastic and energetic style of coaching kids.

Little Golfers uses Hampton Court their outdoor sessions and offer a first session free. For more details please visit


Chris Moss

provides easy to understand instruction for golfers of all abilities and demographics, with twenty years experience he enables pupils to play better golf in more enjoyable time frames.

“I improve peoples’ games on the course, not just on the driving range. I do not believe in changing people’s swings just because they do not look conventional, instead I like to focus on manageable incremental improvements. I coach pupils the skills required to improve, providing a better understanding of how to use their own individual technique and highlighting the causes of their inconsistencies pupils leave with a clear understanding how to improve their performance. For more information and evidence of how this philosophy works please visit my website.”

Classes for golfers new to the game – Learn how to Play Golf with Golf Access and Chris Moss

Golf Access is a structured learning program designed for ‘New Golfers’ to progress into experienced players. Classes are held three times a week at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace Golf Club where participants are guided throughout their improvement journey by an experienced golf professional. Attend weekly or fortnightly group coaching sessions where participants will learn how to swing on the range and how to play on a specially adapted golf course so they can progress through the nine colour coded levels to become a recognised player with an official World Golf Handicap at the end of the process.

To book a free trial session for yourself or friend simply follow this link.

Martin Dunsford PGA Professional

Martin endeavours to provide his students with the simplest way to improve – from new golfers who have never held a club toexperienced players.

Martin has attended MORAD golf schools led by Mac O’Grady since 2006




I have been a student of the game for over 20 years, first picking up a club at the age of 10 and developing through the junior ranks. I spent four years competing on the USA collegiate level with the last two of those years assisting the Head coach in building elite training plans for the Men’s and Women’s team. 

 On my return I turned professional and turned my eye to playing and coaching, which has led me to compete against and work with all levels of players across the world from UK to Dubai, from juniors to elite level players. 

As a Coach I believe in making the game as simple as possible for all levels of players, and that after every lesson you should have the confidence to go out and compete without losing your edge. I take great enjoyment on helping all golfers take their game to the next level. 

Certificates and Qualifications

PGA Professional Full Member

Real Golf Trained Coach 

Level 3 Personal Trainer 

National Diploma in Sport Performance 

Lesson Packages

60 Minute Lesson – £60

Playing Lesson – £99 – (Can be added on to any Lesson Package at full Value) 

Performance Package – 2 ½ Hours – £140  

½ Day Coaching – 5 Hours – £285 – (All areas of the game covered & Lunch Included) 


“Whatever age, gender and ability you are – I believe golf should be fun.  I love working with students who want to find out the quickest and simplest ways to reduce stress, increase enjoyment and break scoring barriers.  I am confident of being able to help everyone improve their handicaps quickly, grow the understanding of their own games and enjoy their golf more than ever before.  If that sounds like something you would enjoy, or you would like to find out more, please contact me at any time on 07967728401 or [email protected].”

Tom has spent the majority of his working life in the golf industry.  From custom club fitting at the top boutique company in Europe or caddying for professional golfers on tour, Tom has a well rounded wealth of knowledge to share with his students.  Tom always brings a positive and proactive personality to the table.

Tom has been coaching for a number of years now – with a proven track record of lowering people’s handicaps and scores in a short amount of time.  Tom uses the latest and greatest luanch monitor on the market – the Foresight Sports GC Quad and is a Peak Level 2 Certified Owner. “I use slow motion 4k video alongside my GC Quad – to quantify and highlight the areas we can improve quickly.  I can show you in simple terms what will make the biggest impact on improving your scores in the shortest amount of time.”

“Coaching people to improve their strike, boost consistency and increase distance is the day to day job I enjoy…but I have a real passion for putting and course management.  It is not uncommon for me to be able to get players 5-10 shots better via playing lessons.  I have one client who’s handicap dropped 10 shots without a swing change!  Understanding that you aren’t as different from the pros as you think – but that some simple changes to planning and execution can be completely life changing for a lot of my students.”

“I look forward to seeing you around the club – feel free to say hi as I’m always happy to have a chat about this wonderful game we all love.”